Hire the equipment you need

For your diving convenience, we offer a range of high-quality diving equipment for hire.

We do not provide wetsuits and snorkels for hire due to hygiene reasons.  However, when you book a scuba open water dive course with us, you will receive a generous 10% discount on all in-store purchases. This discount applies to an array of diving equipment and accessories available for sale, enabling you to gear up with the gear you love while enjoying exceptional savings.


Item1 Day Hire2 Day HireOvernight
Tank with air35.0055.0045.00
Bouyancy Control Device (BCD)30.0055.0045.00
Regulator with computer & alternate air source40.0070.0060.00
Complete Scuba Unit80.00145.00125.00
Weight belt with weight17.0025.0020.00

WDF (38)