Cylinder Testing

Ensure your diving readiness with our professional Cylinder Testing services. At Warrnambool Diving and Firearms, we prioritise your safety and peace of mind by offering thorough testing and filling of your scuba tanks, strictly adhering to Australian safety guidelines. Simply bring in your tank, and our expert team will inspect and test it, ensuring it meets the highest standards for your diving adventures.

We also cater to the testing and filling needs of BBQ gas tanks and LPG motor vehicle tanks.


We take pride in our comprehensive Repair and Service capabilities. With our experienced technicians on-site, we are equipped to handle all types of scuba equipment servicing. In we are unable to fulfill a specific service, we offer the convenience of outsourcing it on your behalf, at no extra charge.

Trust Warrnambool Diving and Firearms to be your reliable partner in ensuring the integrity of your equipment. With our meticulous testing, filling, and repair services, we strive to empower you with the utmost confidence for your diving endeavours.

306 Tag

Australian standard 2337 Gas cylinder test station.

Certified gas cylinder test station 306.

Global Mark